The original, patented ScaleWatcher® electronic water conditioner The intelligent alternative for hard water treatment in your home or business Explanatioin

For the home

The principle of magnetic water treatment is not new. The first patent was granted around 1900. Scalewatcher takes this knowledge into the 21st century by using a patented technology.

The electronic device treats the water by inducing magnetic AND electric fields with a continuous changing frequency within an optimized frequency band. This will affect the initial stage of crystal growth in the bulk of the water, resulting in many smaller crystals with a roundish shape, which will not easily adhere to pipe walls or other surfaces such as heating elements of washing machines and dish washers. As  no new scale layers are being formed the force of the flowing water will slowly remove old scale layers, temporarily increasing hardness until all scale layers have been removed.

Same applies for commercial buildings and Industry.

Operating principle

Magnetic field

Electric field

The signal promotes the creation of many small crystals with a rotundas shape which will not adhere to surfaces.

Water containing charged impurities, positive and negative mineral ions and large mineral crystals with sharp edges, which easily can adhere to pipe walls.