The original, patented ScaleWatcher® electronic water conditioner The intelligent alternative for hard water treatment in your home or business

Mineral scaling

Scalewatcher is able to prevent scaling and to remove existing layers. There are numerous examples in Industry with successful applications.

Launching the product in 1989 initiated Universities to re-search this phenomenon which was at the time not really understood. Now the technology is widely accepted not only thanks to competitors who copied the concept but also thanks to managers of companies in Industry who in the early days, were not afraid being laughed at while evaluating the performance of Scalewatcher in the field. Physical water treatment has gained it place in Industry as a high tech and reliable means of mineral scale prevention.


An amazing side effect of the product on iron pipes with oxygen containing water is that rust is not longer formed; it will be removed and replaced by a very thin black protecting layer, called Magnetite.


A side effect that was to be expected is the fact that bacteria counts in process water will dramatically be reduced due to the cleaning effect of Scalewatcher. The breading ground of bacteria disappears, so will the bacterium. This effect is noticeable particularly in cooling towers. Field reports are available showing no scaling, no algae growth, bacteria count of zero and less corrosion.

Water disposal

In the civilized world Industry has to pay for its disposal of water. Blow down of steam boilers or cooling towers are examples. As most of this equipment uses automatic blow down based on the electrical conductivity of water, it is easily seen why water can be saved. The longer it takes before a certain conductivity level is reached the fewer blow downs. This level can be set higher with Scalewatcher treatment. Savings of 50 to 80 % in water usage is possible. The total savings on water usage and cost of water disposal gives an extremely quick return on a one time investment.

Problems in Industry being solved with chemicals amongst others: Mineral scaling, rust, slime, water disposal.

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