The original, patented Scalewatcher® electronic water conditioner The intelligent alternative for hard water treatment in your home or business

"Would you like a maintenance- and chemical-free process, which protects against mineral deposits and the cleaning properties of water  improves -  in both  the private and commercial/industrial sector?

Scalewatcher achieves this and many more positive effects! This is confirmed by countless customers worldwide - from private homes to large enterprises, for example in the oil industry.

“More than 25 years ago I developed and patented the Scalewatcher  technology in The Netherlands - Today the Scalewatcher Group operates worldwide.”

A variety of offices in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Australia ensures sales and service for the most varied applications, primarily in the processing and exploration industry, maritime applications, municipal utilities and the agricultural sector.

"The device I invented is environmentally friendly because it treats hard water without opening the pipe and without chemical additives -. at very low energy costs"

It may be that specific applications are already equipped with other water treatment procedures of which the effectiveness can be increased. In this case, the Scalewatcher can easily be combined with any other method. Without opening the pipeline, effective hybrid systems can be created.

Countless satisfied customers confirm that the Scalewatcher will:

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The full product range is manufactured in the USA, Thailand, and The Netherlands.

Scalewatcher® : An environmentally friendly device for protection against lime scale deposits

Patents granted in 1993 for the USA, Canada and Europe.

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